Become a cultural leader in the beer category  


Working alongside Heineken since 2008, blackandgold has undertaken a double role.


First as a “brand guardian”, ensuring visual coherence between the brand’s statements whether in terms of packaging, in-store communication, or sports and music partnerships.
At the same time, as a “brand challenger”, proactively inspiring the brand’s activation and innovation strategies in line with its ambition to establish undisputed cultural leadership over the beer industry.

Draught beer category
Bring draught quality at home

The challenge
Design an instore event around Heineken home draught experience.

The Brand Idea
Immerse the consumers in a welcoming cocoon during their shopper journey (setting, furniture, lighting, materials), while promoting the quality of a professional draught beer through claims and visuals (« The draught beer as if you were at the bar »).

The result
A 10m2 sales area and a POS toolkit that contribute, by their homey feel, to create an efficient contrast with the hectic and busy atmosphere in the stores.

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Bring draught quality at home
Bring draught quality at home
Bring draught quality at home